Vojdan Stojanovski (F.Y.R. of Macedonia)

Vojdan Stojanovski

Nationality: MKD
Born : 09.12.1987
Place of birth: Skopje (MKD)
Height: 1.94m
Position: SG

7.7Points per game
3.7Rebounds per game
0.8Assists per game
F.Y.R. of Macedonia




  • » Ranks #5 in Steals (1.7)
  • » Ranks #18 in 3 Pts Field Goal Percentage (40.0%)
Vojdan Stojanovski - EuroBasket 2013 Profile
Team 2012-2013: BC Donetsk (Ukraine-Superleague)
Career: Vardar Skopje (F.Y.R. of Macedonai-1, 2005-07); Anmak SP Ohrid (F.Y.R of Macedonia-1, 2007-09); KK Napredak (Serbia-BLS, 2009-10); Feni Industri Kavadarci (F.Y.R of Macedonia-KBSL 2010-11); Cherkaski Mavpy (Ukraine-Superleague, 2011-12); BC Donetsk (Ukraine-Superleague, 2012-13)

Vojdan Stojanovski was one of key figures of FYR of Macedonia's amazing campaign two years ago in Lithuania. He was finally able to provide some decent shooting for the team and was as effective on the defensive end as ever. Vojdan averaged 1.7 steals-per-game and was always a threat for the opposing team during their possessions. Despite his guard position, Stojanovski is always very aggressive on the boards using his quick hands to sneak away and grab a rebound. He was one of the reasons BC Donetsk made the play-offs of the VTB League last season averaging 9.5 points-per-game. The shooting guard also arguably produced the best game of his career to date during the past season, when he made five out of eight three-pointers in a win over Astana.


vs Montenegro (L 70-65)321/425.01/250.00/20.05/683.32681140257
vs Croatia (W 78-76)202/540.01/333.31/250.00/00.01231030305
vs Greece (W 58-72)290/60.00/20.00/40.02/2100.01340000122
vs Finland (W 72-70)336/1060.05/5100.01/520.03/3100.013400103216
vs Bosnia and Herzegovina (W 75-63)302/633.32/450.00/20.00/00.03253040234
vs Georgia (W 63-65)272/450.00/00.02/450.02/2100.01342010428
vs Slovenia (W 68-59)203/837.51/520.02/366.73/3100.001112001211
vs Russia (L 63-61)242/540.00/10.02/450.00/00.01341120036
vs Lithuania (W 67-65)295/5100.00/00.05/5100.00/00.012300203215
vs Spain (L 92-80)273/560.03/560.00/00.00/00.01340010416
vs Russia (L 68-72)221/520.00/10.01/425.02/2100.00110110415
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points1604.09.2011 vs. Finland20 - U20 European Championship Men 2007
14.07.2007 vs Latvia
Total Rebounds831.08.2011 vs. Montenegro8 - EuroBasket 2011
31.08.2011 vs Montenegro
Assists305.09.2011 vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina4 - 4 times
Steals42 times4 - 3 times
Blocked Shots129.08.2010 vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina1 - 4 times
Minutes3304.09.2011 vs. Finland39 - U20 European Championship Men 2007
08.07.2007 vs Croatia
Field Goals Made604.09.2011 vs. Finland6 - 4 times
Field Goals Attempted1004.09.2011 vs. Finland18 - U20 European Championship Men 2007
08.07.2007 vs Croatia
2 Pts Field Goals Made504.09.2011 vs. Finland6 - U18 European Championship Men 2005
19.07.2005 vs Ireland
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted53 times14 - U18 European Championship Men 2005
23.07.2005 vs Slovak Republic
3 Pts Field Goals Made514.09.2011 vs. Lithuania5 - EuroBasket 2011
14.09.2011 vs Lithuania
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted53 times10 - U20 European Championship Men 2007
08.07.2007 vs Croatia
Free Throws Made531.08.2011 vs. Montenegro7 - EuroBasket 2015
10.08.2014 vs Belgium
Free Throws Attempted631.08.2011 vs. Montenegro10 - EuroBasket 2015
10.08.2014 vs Belgium
Offensive Rebounds305.09.2011 vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina4 - U18 European Championship Men 2005
16.07.2005 vs Iceland
Defensive Rebounds631.08.2011 vs. Montenegro6 - EuroBasket 2011
31.08.2011 vs Montenegro



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