So, Who Goes Through To The Quarter-Finals?

11 September 2011


9. Felipe Reyes (Spain)
Felipe Reyes is not looking for his calculator up there, as Spain (and France) know exactly where they stand and depend only on themselves.

The situation in Group E has left you perplexed, reaching out for the nearest calculator to see what happens in any possible scenario? 

It's true that arriving on the last day of action in the group with two teams having secured their ticket to the Quarter-Finals and the other four all in the race for the remianing two, can seem a bit complicated at first glance.

Things though become a bit more clear if we examine every scenario seperately.

Let's start from the top, where the situation is actually crystal clear. Undefeated France are facing second-placed Spain in a mini-final who will determine who tops the group.

Whoever wins this battle clinches first place and plays the fourth of Group F, things could not be more straightforward than this. 

Spain are however in no danger of losing second place in case they are defeated and Lithuania win, as they beat the hosts in the head-to-head.

Now that we have established that the top two spots is a... two-horse race, let's see what happens below for the two remaining magic tickets.

Scenario I: Serbia and Germany both win. In this case Serbia qualify for sure, while Germany would need a win by 11 or more points. In any other case Serbia and Lithuania go through.

Scenario II: Serbia and Lithuania both win. This means Lithuania finish 3rd, Serbia go 4th and Germany with Turkey miss out.

Scenario III: Turkey and Germany win. Lithuania and Germany qualify at the expense of Turkey and Serbia.

Scenario IV: Turkey and Lithuania win: Lithuania take 3rd, Turkey 4th.


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